Apr 15, 2002 · Examples include the movement of religions — or the diffusion of scientific knowledge. In the past, social globalism has often followed military and economic globalism. However, in the current era, social and cultural globalization is driven by the Internet, which reduces costs and globalizes communications, making the flow of ideas ... For example, the [^0-9] pattern matches any single character except a numeric character. SQLite GLOB examples. The following statement finds tracks whose names start with the string Man. The pattern Man* matches any string that starts with Man.
2. Sign the globe using Paint, Photoshop or a similar graphics tool. Decorate the globe anyway you wish. You can even include the name of your blog. Click here for thousands of inspiring examples from previous BlogBlasts. 3. Return the peace globe to me via email ~ blogblastforpeace at yahoo.com and sign the Mr. Linky below. Leave a comment and ...

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The most active Asian-American community on the web. We serve the Asian diaspora living anywhere in the West. We are a Pan Asian community (East, Southeast, South) against all forms of anti-Asianism (anti-Asian racism). What is glob? Glob or shell globbing refers to the process of matching glob patterns to files in the filesystem. Best to illustrate it with an example: bash shell command cp *.jpg...Examples. View. 3D map; 2.5D map; 2D map; Multiple globes; Multiple 2.5D maps; 3d Tiles. Basic; Batch table; On 2.5D map

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Clear Plastic Globe Ornaments; Artificial Snow Flakes; Vellum paper or Clear Plastic Sheets; Scissors; Directions to make DIY Snow Globe Ornaments. 1. Begin by cutting your piece of vellum or plastic into a square or rectangle that is about the same width as the ornament. Vellum is a semi-translucent paper that can be found at most craft stores. Snow Globe Template Christmas Card. This snow globe Christmas card is easy to put together with our printable snow globe template. You can get the template emailed to you as a free gift by signing up to our newsletter on the form with the preview of the snow globe template. Kids can color the front of the card with markers, crayons, pencil ...

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Examples of how to use the word globe in a sentence. Definitions, synonyms and translations are also available. When the syntax is "glob" then the String representation of the path is matched using a limited pattern language that resembles regular expressions but with a simpler syntax. For example: For example:

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Maintaining a safe plant environment and extending service life — that’s what’s engineered into every Flowserve globe valve. Whether it’s fail-safe response in nuclear plants, reliable performance in high-temperature/pressure boiler plant services, or regulating steam and condensate, every Flowserve globe valve incorporates special features to maximize performance.

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Examples of globe in a sentence, how to use it. 24 examples: At present, a globe-net-transfer of sound material passes through different… For example, [a-z] will match any lower case letter. There is also a glob command that you will see in later sections that uses glob pattern matching in directories, and returns a list of the matching files.

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